Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Dear AT&T

Dear AT&T,

a couple of days ago I saw an advertisement that you have 4G in 2000 towns more than Verizon. I am really wondering about this statement. It's maybe true but worthless. I bought a AT&T cellphone on June 10. Since that I biked through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and large parts of South Dakota. It's only 4 weeks ago, but in this four weeks I had about one week no service in the towns in that I camped.
Why providing 1G almost everywhere instead of 4G in some towns?

To be honest, most of the time I was able to send emergency calls. During my stages I had sometimes service and sometimes not. I did not need emergency calls, so it was not too bad.

Three days ago I lost my credit cards. In Interior there are no public phones with coins. The companies providing this phones are bankrupt due to the cell phones, which are mostly not working in Interior. So my AT&T cell phone did not work. The only way was to buy a calling card for almost 10 USD. It was an AT&T calling card with 120 minutes, but if you call a person within the same state here South Dakota, like the Sheriff's office of the same county (not the same town, unfortunately), you charge a higher rate of 3 or 5 minutes per minute. Are you serious?

I also had to make some calls to Germany to call my banks. This calls of cause are much more expensive. The quality of the one call to Germany I was able to make with the calling card was really bad. The other two calls I made through German callback service, called "Peter zahlt", for a much lower rate of 26.5 ct per min.

I am really disappointed about your service.

Thomas Mach